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The Ultimate Food Tour in Mexico

The ultimate food tour in Mexico

Recipient of Tripadvisor´s Travelers Choice Award for Best Mexico City Tour 2021


Duration: 10 Days – Lenguage: English & Español

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  • Mexico City - Oaxaca - Beach Puerto Escondido
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Mexico City #1 Rated Tours 

Mexico City has more people than Ireland, Denmark and Greece combined. The term “meal options” here means something else entirely.
First an Aztec empire that was the largest in Mesoamerica, then the mixing by the Spanish and natives until the independence that would turn Mexico City into the new capital of Mexico that would last for centuries. Mexico City preserves millenary knowledge that implemented to our times has left us one of the most unique gastronomic legacies that we can enjoy.

The Essentials:

Travel through Mexico City and Oaxaca and discover the most authentic culinary experience in the city. Mexico’s cuisine is more than the restaurant´s menu, we talk about the legends, history and people behind our delicious dishes. Unlimited Tacos, soft drinks & Food are included + Mezcal tasting of  wild agaves.

Days: 10 Days

Group Size: Small groups of 2 -12 people per tour.

Start & End Location: Mexico City

Dietary Requirements: We are happy to welcome vegetarians and pescatarians, but please let us know previously. This tour is not recommended for gluten free or vegan diets. Please message us prior to booking if you have any questions.

The Street Food Experience was incredible - aside from taking us to some excellent spots, Paco was highly knowledgeable about the culture and history of Mexico City. He was so generous with his time and helped us understand the city. All food stops were delicious, with the tlacoyos and fish tacos a favourite. The mezcal tasting was a real treat too. I can’t thank Paco enough for the afternoon - definitely don’t miss this experience!

MM Catherine


Couldn’t love this tour more. Edwardo was incredible. Time was not an issue, he took the time needed to show the food and the city. Food options were great and the places shown were places I went back to in following days.

Elizabeth C


Experience lead by locals

Only guides from each city can give you a true taste of the area in food and culture, all trained by our founders to ensure the perfect experience. We also work with the community through local producers and partners to ensure you´re getting a real local taste of what each community can do.

Off the beaten path

We visit local neighborhoods where real locals live and eat. Your aren´t going to find any other tourist here, or run into other tour groups. Our restaurants are local legends, family-owned and often specialize in only  one dish, wich means the quality is high and the flavor is even better .

A meaningful trip

Theres a million reasons Mexico City is an international food destination. Its a UNESCO  (the first one in the world) city of gastronomy. One of the most important and popular mexican cuisine, but also the capital of eating out.

When you book, you will receive an email with the exact meeting point in Mexico City. When you arrive there will be purple umbrellas, the first point will be an exotic market, will you eat insects?

Don’t worry, that’s just the beginning. Mexican cuisine goes beyond eccentricities, the truth is that there is a repertoire of flavors with a variety of ingredients and tastes that have existed for thousands of years.

Did you know that the Aztec diet was vegan? There is a secret to Mexican food, no taco in Mexico City is going to taste like any other taco in the world. What´s the secret?

We invite you to discover it at The Food Tour Mexico.



DAY 1: Arraving

Airport - Mexico City

Arrival and pick up

  • Welcome to Mexico City, our adventure starts here! We have the whole day planned just to arrive at the time that suits the best. Once you arrive at the airport we will be waiting for you with our logo to take you to your hotel. At 8 o’clock we will start our experience with a welcome dinner.


  • 4 stars Hotel MX or similar

Included Activities

  •  Airport Arrival Transfer
  • Welcome Dinner

Meals Included

  • Dinner

DAY 2 : Street food experience

Mexico City - Old Downtown

Lets get crazy with tacos!

Travel through the historic center of Mexico City and discover the most authentic culinary experience in the city. Mexico’s cuisine is more than the restaurant´s menu, we talk about the legends, history and people behind our delicious dishes. Unlimited Tacos, soft drinks & Food are included + Mezcal tasting of wild agaves.

We will start the day with a city tour in the historical center, this city tour will be something different as it will be a combination of the historical introduction of Mexico City and Street food experience. So we will visit impressive murals of Diego Rivera and eat among other things the most famous taco of the city: the taco al pastor


  • 4 stars Hotel MX or similar

Included Activities

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Private transportation & guide
  • Street food experience
  • Over 4 sit-down stops & Market + Mezcal Tasting
  • All food included

Meals Included

  • All food except dinner is included

DAY 3: Mexico City Southern

Coyoacan & Xochimilco

Handmade Tortillas and exotic market

Early in the morning we head to the south of the city, known for being the bohemian neighborhood made famous by Frida Kahlo, this place is perfect to get lost among the small colorful streets that remind us of the colonial Mexico we see in the movies.
This day we will eat a tortilla that was handmade by nixtamalization which is an ancient process that comes from the Aztecs where the Aztecs boiled the corn with alkalized water, this will make the taco you will taste the most delicious you have ever tasted!
In the afternoon we will head to Xochimilco, also called the Venice of Mexico, it is a place to have a good time with friends on a colorful Mexican boat.


  • 4 stars Hotel MX or similar

Included Activities

  • Coyoacan Guided tour 
  • Coyoacan Food tour 
  • Transportation
  • 2 hour boat in xochimilco 

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 4: Archaeological ruins


Cactus crops & tasting of the pre-hispanic cuisine

Today is a pre-Hispanic culinary test and there is no better place than going first to the pyramids of Teotihuacan to understand the legacy left by the first civilizations that populated the central Mexican territory. Then we will go to taste prehispanic cuisine in a place with kaktus crops, prehispanic cuisine is known to be vegan and if you are brave enough insects.


  • 4 stars Hotel MX or similar
  • Hotel MX

Included Activities

  • Guide in Teotihuacan
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch included

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

Special Information

  • Tiempo de caminata 6 horas

DAY 5: Trip to Oaxaca


Culinary capital of the country

Cultural capital Oaxaca’s combo of authentic regional flavor and big city grit makes it one of the most intriguing destinations in Mexico. We will start with a city tour in the center of the city and we will do a gastronomic tour through the central market of Oaxaca where we will taste the Tlayuda, the specialty of the place. This city offers a wide variety of regional ingredients such as cheese, mezcal, chocolate and salted meat that in combination make this destination a gastronomic must for anyone who wants to understand the essence of Mexican food.


  • 4 stars Hotel Hacienda or similar

Included Activities

  • City tour 
  • Street food tour
  • Transportation 

Meals Included

  • Breakfast 
  • All food except dinner is included

DAY 6: Road to the Beach


Lets relax at small beach town

We will pass through a local village where we will taste a variety of moles. Mole is probably the most complicated sauce to make in Mexico, as the most elaborate one can contain up to 40 ingredients.
In the market of the village of Ocotlan lives a lady who is known for her personal Frida Kahlo look and cooking for all the people of the village with the freshest ingredients from the area, she gives you a choice of 5 different sauces and cooks your dish based on the sauce of your choice.
Then we will take the road to a small town “Mazunte” where the sunset on the beach is probably the most beautiful in Mexico.


  • 4 stars hotel – Posada Olivo or similar.

Included Activities

  • Private transportation 

Meals Included

  • Breakfast



Walking through a natural reserve to a special beach

As you saw in the movie “Y tu mama tambien” this beach, which is probably our favorite, is a jewel of Oaxaca. Get your tennis shoes ready because to get to this beach we will have to walk in the middle of a jungle for 40 minutes in the middle of a natural reserve. At the end we will arrive to one of the few virgin beaches, usually this beach is known only by the locals. This day we will cook for you and do optional beach activities and simply sunbathe and return in the afternoon.


  • 4 stars hotel – Posada Olivo or similar.

Included Activities

  • Transportation 
  • Entry fees to the sanctuary

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 8 : Oaxaca food

Puerto Escondido

We will go to a new town Puerto Escondido to continue exploring the culinary options: tichinda tamales, grasshopper tacos, ant tacos, iguana meat, mole negro, delicious tlayudas, tasajo. We will spend some more time on the beach to take our way to the agave plantations.

Included Activities

  • Transportation
  • Food tour


    • 4 stars hotel -Hotel Hacienda Don Cenobio

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 9: Mezcal making

Oaxaca & Hierve el agua

Petrified waterfall & artisanal mezcal process

  • Today we will go deep into the Oaxacan nature to contemplate the beautiful petrified waterfall of Hierve el Agua, a perfect place to immerse yourself in the mineral waters and take some impressive pictures. Then we head to a “palenque” term used for the place where they harvest the agave and then cook it underground, grind it by artisanal techniques, this way we get the magic drink of mezcal. In the afternoon we hit the road to Mexico City

Included Activities

  • Transportation
  • Hierve el Agua Entry fee 
  • Mezcal tasting


    • 4 Stars hotel – Hotel Mx 

Meals included

  • Breakfast

DAY 10: End of trip

This is your last day! Transportation to the airport is included. If you would like to stay longer please let us know so we can check availability with the hotel.



Groups of no more than 13 people


We will sleep in 3 - 4 star hotels with private rooms.

The hotel detailed in the itinerary may be changed, this will vary depending on availability and the number of people we are, although we will look for a hotel of equal or higher standard.


We will adjust to the itinerary with the necessary amenities for the climate and the region. The units will be optimal for transportation between cities and towns always looking for a comfort for you.

The itinerary may be affected if for reasons beyond our control we are unable to follow the plan as stipulated, having said that we will seek the best way to resolve the situation in the best interest of the user.


Be willing to SHARE in the broadest sense of the word. Share experiences and moments with new people. Share opinions and visions. Sharing nerves and eagerness before a trip.
Have an open and team mentality (not individualistic) - there will always be a better place in the vehicle, with better visibility, more comfort, for example.
Be flexible to the circumstances of the moment - unforeseen events can happen and although you will organize and plan in the best possible way, sometimes things come up that are out of our reach (The Monkey Experience). So adapting to change is always a good idea.
Encourage a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere 
Be receptive and have a respectful attitude towards the group and towards the population and the country in general. Remember that fortunately (or unfortunately) not everyone thinks as one would like so always respect the thoughts of another person is the peace. Try to listen, understand and respect.


  • Valid passport or ID card
  • Read the About section
  • Despite monitoring the weather in the country on several occasions, the weather can be unpredictable, so the established plan may vary, always ensuring the safety of the group.
  • Wear thermal clothing and appropriate footwear
  • In group trips, in order to facilitate the functioning of the trip the maximum age is 65 years old.


A healthy physical condition, which allows you to walk for 6 hours without problems. Part of this activity includes outdoor activities such as hiking or swimming.


Breakfast will generally be taken at the hotel. We promote the idea of eating locally in small businesses that we already know the quality of their products and that allow us to taste the rich Mexican cuisine authentically so we will recommend the best options for lunch or dinner.

Occasionally we will eat in the houses with food made by locals so they will be dishes that are consumed in the region (generally vegetarian).

We organize various food tours through the most emblematic parts of Mexico. All food tours are described in the itinerary.

-In the package FOOD TOUR the flights from Europe or America to Mexico City are NOT included.
Once the tour is confirmed, you as a client book the flight. The dates described in the Prices & Calendar are designated so you can be arriving before or on the day the tour starts. Also we recommend that your departure travel be on or after the 10th day of the tour.

Once at the airport you will be met by one of our staff with THE MONKEY EXPERIENCE logo. The staff will drive you to your transportation, please contact us by whatapp or email for any matter regarding your arrival. Transportation from the airport to the hotel and hotel to the airport is included, please send your flight no later than 2 weeks before the beginning of the experience. If you wish to extend your stay at the hotel please let us know and ask the hotel for availability.