Northern México

Adventure in the nature











Quick Details:

Group Size:

4 People Max.


7 B, 3 M


Train, Bus, Cable Car, Bike

Difficulty level:




Places to visit:

Chihuahua City, Creel



DAY 1: Arraving

Airport - Chihuahua

Arrival and pick up

  • Welcome to Mexico! Your adventure will begin in Chihuahua City. We will meet you upon arrival at the airport and transfer you to the hotel to settle in. Once there we will meet you at 6 pm for a welcome meeting and dinner.


  • Hotel MX or similar (1 night)

Included Activities

  •  Airport Arrival Transfer
  • Welcome Dinner

Meals Included

  • Dinner

DAY 2 : Chihuahua

Chihuahua - Creel

The first raramuri town

We will begin our adventure in the early morning. We will take a bus together to Creel. From there we will head to our hotel to settle in. Creel is a famous Raramuri town known for being the main gateway to the Sierra Tarahumara and for its very enigmatic rock formations. We will do a short hike to the town’s lake and the rock formations known as “los monjes”. In the afternoon we will visit the waterfalls before concluding our second day with a visit to the town’s relaxing hot springs.


  • Hotel MX or similar (1 night)

Included Activities

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Private transportation & guide
  • Entrance fees to: ” los monjes”, the waterfall and the hot springs

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 3: Bahuichivo

Creel -Divisadero -Bahuichivo - Cuiteco

The train experience

In the morning/afternoon we will take the train across some of Mexico’s most rugged terrain, hugging the edge of mountains and crossing canyons over bridges. The scenery is breathtaking. We will make a brief stop at Divisadero. We will contemplate the majestic Barranca del Cobre considered one of the longest and deepest canyon systems in the world, almost half of which corresponds to the surface of the cliffs. We will continue the tour to Babuhichivo where we will have the option to go to the village by bicycle (duration 2 hours) through a gorgeous dirt road following the course of the river to finally arrive to the village of Cuiteco where we will settle in (Depending on availability).


  • Casa particular

Included Activities

  • Train ticket
  • Rent of the bike + trasportation of the luggage

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 4: Cuiteco

Cuiteco Hiking

Ready to the adventure

We will wake up very early in the morning to begin our hike to Barranca del Cobre. On the way we will find a lovely waterfall known only locally and we will take a bath in its waters. Then, we will have a short picnic there and continue our ascent for 1 hour before reaching the high part of the forest and contemplate the beautiful view of the mountains. We will arrive to a small Raramuri village named Churo with 227 residents, mainly Tarahumara Indians, where we will be welcomed in their houses, where we will have dinner and rest.


  • Casa particular

Included Activities

  • Hiking Guide
  • Breakfast picnic
  • Lunch included

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Special Information

  • Tiempo de caminata 6 horas

DAY 5: Cuiteco

Churo - Cuiteco

The Returning

Early in the morning we will have breakfast with the famous handmade tortillas and continue our way for 2 more hours to the Copper Canyon. From this part of the canyon the view is the most beautiful in the whole canyon and we will stay for a picnic and enjoy the views. Eventually we will return to Churo where we will rest and start our way back to Cuiteco.


  • Private residence

Included Activities

  • Hiking Guide
  • Rent of the horse 

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

DAY 6: Divisadero

Cuiteco - Divisadero

Biking Day

We will have breakfast early in the morning so that we will take the bikes and ride to Divisadero very soon in the morning. The road is a rough dirt road where we will cross incredible rock formations along the river (biking time is 6 hours).

In Divisadero we will settle in the hotel to head to the Barranca del Cobre in the famous part of the area where you will have this option:

  • Via ferrata which includes a 48-meter rappel, crossing suspension bridges and the famous “Tarzan Jump” plus Cable Car.


  • Hotel Divisadero

Included Activities

  • Bike rent
  • Private transportation of the lugagge
  • Entrace of the park “Aventura”
  • Cable car fees- 2 ways
  • Via Ferrata (Optional)

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 7 : Divisadero

Divisadero - Cuiteco

A quiet day in the canyon

The adventure will come to an end. We will take the morning off in case you want to do any extra activities or just relax in the panoramic restaurants. In the afternoon we will take the train/bus (depending on availability) to Chihuahua.


  • Hotel Chihuahua or similar (1 night)

Included Activities

  • Train/bus (depending on the availability)

Meals Included

  • Breakfast

DAY 8 : Chihuahua


The final of the trip

Your adventure will come to an end after breakfast this morning. If you would like to spend more time in Chihuahua, additional accommodations can be previously arranged (subject to availability).

Meals Included

  • Breakfast



Not Included


Groups of no more than 4 people


We will sleep in 3 - 4 star hotels with private rooms or guest houses of local people. This are houses with optimal functionalities such as light, electricity, beds and the necessary for a pleasant night. This will be if the community does not have places to stay, such as hotels.

In this tour we will go through very local places so we will stay in private houses and we will always try to have a private bathroom although this may not happen. There is the possibility that in these places the bathrooms are not of high standards especially on the hike to the Copper Canyon.

The hotel detailed in the itinerary may be changed, this will vary depending on availability and the number of people we are, although we will look for a hotel of equal or higher standard.


We will adjust to the itinerary although the access to the villages will change depending on the dates and availability of transportation, so the round trip will be with a combination of train, bus or private van with a maximum capacity of 10 people with the necessary amenities for the climate and the region.


Be willing to SHARE in the broadest sense of the word. Share experiences and moments with new people. Share opinions and visions. Sharing nerves and eagerness before a trip.
Have an open and team mentality (not individualistic) - there will always be a better place in the vehicle, with better visibility, more comfort, for example.
Be flexible to the circumstances of the moment - unforeseen events can happen and although you will organize and plan in the best possible way, sometimes things come up that are out of our reach (The Monkey Experience). So adapting to change is always a good idea.
Encourage a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere 
Be receptive and have a respectful attitude towards the group and towards the population and the country in general. Remember that fortunately (or unfortunately) not everyone thinks as one would like so always respect the thoughts of another person is the peace. Try to listen, understand and respect.


  • Valid passport or ID card
  • Read the About section
  • Despite monitoring the weather in the country on several occasions, the weather can be unpredictable, so the established plan may vary, always ensuring the safety of the group.
  • Wear thermal clothing and appropriate footwear
  • In group trips, in order to facilitate the functioning of the trip the maximum age is 65 years old.


A healthy physical condition, which allows you to walk for 6 hours without problems. Part of this activity includes outdoor activities such as hiking or swimming.


Breakfast will generally be taken at the hotel. We promote the idea of eating locally in small businesses that we already know the quality of their products and that allow us to taste the rich Mexican cuisine authentically so we will recommend the best options for lunch or dinner.

Occasionally we will eat in the houses with food made by locals so they will be dishes that are consumed in the region (generally vegetarian).

The first and last day of the tour itinerary are designed so that you can arrive or leave at a time that is convenient for you.
The first day will include pick up, hotel night and if specified in the itinerary a dinner.
The last day will include drop off at the airport and check out from the hotel at 12 PM, it is always possible to stay in the lobby or keep your luggage at the hotel until the time that suits you.